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Make your movie stand out with custom-made music



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Make Your Project Stand Out

As a director, you know the power of music to heighten emotions and bring stories to life.


That's where I come in. Whether your project is a feature film or a short, you know that a captivating, tailor-made orchestral soundtrack will always make your project stand out.


And even if your movie needs a specific genre of music.... No problem! Most composers know how to compose in a variety of different styles and also have the ability to learn new genres.
Count me in for that too!


Also, if you're the kind of creative who likes the sound of organ instruments, well.... 

As a classical musician and music producer, I have the ability to compose and record music that musicians can easily record while reducing studio time and costs and keeping in line with your creative vision. I can compose for bands, orchestras, or other ensembles.

If you are looking for original music for your project, look no further, click one of the buttons to talk to me.

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Short Films


Film scoring experience:

Scored Videos


demo music

Below you can find some of my most recent instrumental songs.

the piano album

This was an album that I composed during pandemics, a time when we where feeling a bit only, this was my way of helping out.

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Get in Touch

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Lisbon, Portugal

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